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During 2018 CAGDI will organise three specialized two-day events specializing on Graphic Design and Illustration matters, a discussion on pricing & invoicing and the Annual General Assembly.



GRIP (GRaphic Design / Illustration / Print)
Three thematic 2day events


The program
Through a series of thematic two-day events consisting of lectures, technical workshops and presentations, CAGDI aims to educate and familiarize graphic design and illustration professionals in theoretical and technical issues of the industry.

The aim of these events is to create an active network of professionals that will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on practical and theoretical matters and create an appropriate, fertile background for collaborations with each other as well as with organizations. The events are also addressed to students and practising professionals with less experience in the field.



Two days dedicated to “Print”
May 2018 – Nicosia
Printing Methods

Traditional and modern techniques and methods of printing seen through the practise of experienced designers who apply them in their work.


Two days dedicated to Illustration
September 2018 – Nicosia

Visual communication thought illustration as a means of expression, creation and aesthetics and the potential collaborations that arise with the field of graphic design.


Two days dedicated to Typography: Typographic Days
December 2018 – Limassol

Analysing and discussing cutting edge issues related to Graphic Design and Typography through lectures and workshops

The already established “Typographic Days” event is co-organised by The Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab (SVC Lab)  and the Language and Graphic Communication Research Lab (LGCRL) of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology along with CAGDI.


General information:
All CAGDI members have the right to free admission to the presentations and talks and a reduced ticket to the workshops*. Reduced ticket prices also apply to students.

The two-day events will include presentations as well as workshops* by professionals working in Cyprus and abroad.

* There will be a limited number of spots available for each workshop, so a booking period will be announced in advance.



The value of our work
(June 2018)

A fundamental issue of CAGDI, with a plethora of categories for discussion on pricing, invoicing, copyrights, competitions and other concerns that are encountered in the creative process. An open discussion that encourages the exchange of ideas between creative professionals.



Annual General Meeting 2018
(September 2018)

The CAGDI Board of Directors invites every year its registered members to the Annual General Assembly. In our second Annual General Assembly, decisions will be taken by voting on matters relating to CAGDI issues, so the attendance of all registered members is required as well as an active participation in their presence for a healthy and dynamic CAGDI.