About Us


Who are the Cyprus Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators (CAGDI)

The Association* (Association, for reference reasons) is the official association of graphic designers and illustrators of Cyprus who are either employed by companies and organizations or work as self-employed or are teachers in the field of graphics and/or illustrations.


The objectives of the Association are the following:

  • To create and provide to the professionals interested the proper conception and mutual understanding for graphic designers’ and/or illustrators’ role in a project, as well as their significance and involvement in other (or not) businesses and fields.
  • To ensure its essential role regarding ethical matters relating to competent bodies and professionals of the area.
  • To promote graphic design and illustration as professional and cultural power.
  • To create an environment in which members can socialize, exchange ideas and evolve through their interaction with other designers, but also through events, presentations, discussions, conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • To establish values, standards and ethical practices in the area of both quality and pricing.
  • To introduce events, workshops and awards through which progress and evolution of creativity will be rewarded.
  • To initiate a productive dialogue with important organizations, in order to promote practical solutions for the field’s problems.
  • To preserve the members’ rights as they result from the values, standards and ethical practices.
  • To enhance the importance of visual communication and encourage its impact on society, economy and our future.