Illustration / Advertising / Motion Graphics / Editorial Illustration
Constantinos Hadjidemetri

Constantinos is a freelance designer, illustrator and animator based in Limassol, Cyprus. He works with a variety of projects, for clients from all over the world. His long term collaborations currently include the United Nations Environment Programme, Greek fashion designer Stelios Koudounaris, Fresh Patisserie Athens, Zedem Media, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority/Cyta, BirdLife Cyprus and Tsiakkas Wineries and others.

Constantinos is a passionate storyteller and a cosmopolitan in the true sense; he enjoys human contact, particularly when it comes to different cultures and ways of life. A keen traveller, he can often be found walking the streets of towns and cities, quietly observing the ever-changing urban landscape and the human stories unfolding within it. As a result of his travels and life in various european countries, he speaks Greek, Spanish, Italian and English.


editorial illustration / anatomy / scientific illustration / set design / character illustration / explanatory illustration / explanatory animation / motion graphics