Illustration / Advertising / Concept Art Illustration
Despina Theocharidou

Despina Theocharidou is a multifaceted creative professional and interdisciplinary artist who seamlessly merges Illustration, content creation, strategic planning, and visual storytelling.Currently based in Nicosia, Despina was born in 1987 in Bulgaria, to Cypriot parents, she studied in institutions across Europe, including the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, ESAD Strasbourg, and AKTO Athens, allowing her to merge classical craftsmanship with modern tools to form a contemporary approach to creativity. Her roles as Creative Lead and Creative Director honed her ability to oversee projects with a keen eye for the intersection of illustration, design, video, digital advertising and copywriting, fostering a collaborative environment that emphasised conceptualisation and a hands-on approach to production. As of 2021, as a Freelance Creative with expertise spanning an array of sectors, she harmonised her personal artistic pursuits with her professional ventures. Her proficiency in branding, promotional material creation, and merchandise design has been instrumental in shaping narratives that captivate and engage. Her personal illustrative work is characterised by a personal and often biographical undertone, exploring identity, memory, and the human experience through vibrant imagery, weaving complex human emotions with surreal storytelling, resulting in a visual dialogue that spans across cultures and languages. Despina's career trajectory, while diverse, is underpinned by a consistent thread: a deep-seated passion for artistry and an unyielding drive to push the boundaries of the creative aspect of conventional advertising.