Graphic Stories Vol09 | THE POWER OF YOUTH

Graphic Stories Vol09  |  THE POWER OF YOUTH
International Conference on Visual Communication

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Visual Communication concerns us all!

This year’s Graphic Stories comes fresh and renewed, as it harbours the Power of Youth and brings new activities with it! The new program is subversive as the lectures will take place on Sunday, March 19, while the workshops will precede and will take place on Friday, March 17 & Saturday, March 18, 2023. More specifically, the three-day program hosts twelve [12] distinguished designers from Germany, England, Greece & Cyprus. It includes nine [9] lectures, six [6] creative workshops, one [1] animation film screening, one [1] international poster exhibition with the participation of designers from Cyprus and abroad and one [1] interactive installation for the public accompanied by youth groups with dance and music.

The 9th International Conference on Visual Communication, Graphic Stories, will take place during the three days of 17-19 March, in Nicosia, on the topic of The Power of Youth. Young people are the most important and dynamic part of the population in every country. They are the driving force behind every change, social, economic, and cultural. Young people have the curiosity, the idealism, the enthusiasm, the courage, the strength, and the will to change the world. They are not just a part of the general population but the most important wealth of this world. They are the present and the future of humanity, and the hope for building a better future with more justice, more peace, more freedom, more flora, more sustainability, and more inclusivity.

Graphic Stories – Among the Best Festivals in Europe, by EFA

The Conference on Graphic Design & Visual Communication, Graphic Stories was chosen by the European Festivals Association (EFA) as one of the best festivals in Europe and was awarded the Europe’s quality stamp, EFFE Label, for the period 2022-2023. Furthermore, the Conference was also awarded for innovation and ingenuity, with the special Badge of Invention, and received the special distinction of Remarkable Arts Festival for 2021, which ranks it among the top European events related to arts and culture.

Who is it for

Graphic Stories is the only established, independent, annual, institutional conference in the field of visual communication and visual arts and is addressed to all creatives in the field of visual communication, applied and visual arts. It is for professionals, students or pupils, graphic designers, web designers, UX/UI designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, 2D/3D designers, printmakers, creative agencies, advertisers, marketers, their partners and anyone interested in learning about the profession of visual communication designers. Graphic Stories is the link between the creative, the commercial and business worlds.

Program 2023

Sunday 19 March

Starting time: 13:30
[attendance in person & online through live streaming]

Meet our speakers:

  • Julia Kahl, Keynote Speaker Designer & Founder of the German Publishing House Slanted Publishers
  • Delema McCann, Advertising / Communication Agency
  • Rob Snow, Illustrator| Seven Pearls of Wisdom
  • Νikos Gazetas, UX/UI Designer & Instructor | Thallo app & How design can change the world
  • Αpostolos Tsiovaras, Graphic Designer & Founder of Cursor Design Studio | Never-ending stories
  • Sofia Hadjipapa, Visual Artist, Associate Professor of Fine Arts at the European University Cyprus | How to embrace imperfections
  • Αlexis Chaviaras, Director | Scenic design: A behind-the-scenes look

at the award-winning computer animated film Agrinoui – Film screening.

Inauguration of the 7th International Poster Exhibition & Awards Ceremony
Theme: The Power of Youth
Sunday 19 March

Opening time: 20:45

Presentation of awards to the five [5] winners of the 7th Graphic Stories International Poster Contest and a poster exhibition featuring the 50 distinguished posters of the contest accompanied by 15 artworks by renowned designers. The contest received a total of 880 entries from 43 countries.

17-19 March 2023, Nicosia
In Person &
Live Streaming